Cooperation Between Global Forum and IACC

The Global Forum on Fighting Corruption and Safeguarding Integrity II and the International Anti-Corruption Conference wish to co-operate to ensure that their respective deliberations harmonise and to take full advantage of the potential for interaction between the governments represented in The Hague and the wider anti-corruption movement gathering in Prague.

Global Forum and the IACC share a common purpose, namely to mobilise against corruption both internationally and in individual countries. On the one hand, the Global Forum is a government-organised meeting directed towards governments and concentrating on government commitments. On the other hand, the IACC series is organised by a coalition of partners with the aim of strengthening the international anti-corruption movement and enhancing working level anti-corruption cooperation among professionals from the public sector, private sector and civil society.



on fighting corruption

Objectives of the conference

The general objective of Global Forum II is to confirm governments' commitments to fight corruption and promote integrity. It is expected that Ministers will adopt a Final Declaration, containing a number of ideas related to a future legal UN-instrument against corruption, to the monitoring of the effectiveness of national anti-corruption strategies and to best practices. 

Participants from all over the world

In addition to Ministers responsible for national anti-corruption strategies, the conference will be attended by government experts in the fields of integrity, law enforcement, customs, development co-operation and trade. A limited number of international governmental and non-governmental organisations will also be invited. 

More than 110 Ministers confirm participation

Two weeks before the conference, the number of confirmed ministerial participants is still rising. More than 110 Ministers have already confirmed their participation. This means that increasingly the conference becomes of a sincerely global nature. Among the participants are Attorney-Generals Ashcroft from the USA and Ustinov from the Russian Federation. Furthermore, several Vice-Presidents and Prime Ministers honour Global Forum II with their presence. 

Given that the Global Forum II deliberations are likely to result in a Final Declaration containing a number of government commitments, the broader Prague meeting could usefully focus on these commitments and on possible follow-up, whether in the form of follow-up workshops or in the form of initiatives by the 10th IACC participants at the national and international level. More generally, it is strongly recommended that those participating in the working level meetings in The Hague also participate in the 10th IACC so as to contribute to the broader-based and more flexible process offered in Prague of evaluating strategies, assessing progress made and setting goals for the future

In 2003, both conferences will come together in Seoul, Korea and it is envisaged that there will be even more interaction between the two conferences than in 2001, with positive synergies expected from the juxtaposition of the government-organised intergovernmental GF III conference and the coalition-based 11th IACC.